PFAS In Drinking Water

What is PFAS?

PFAS encompass over 5000 manmade chemicals. They are highly fluorinated chemicals that make products non-stick, water repellent and stain resistant. PFOS and PFOA, can also be found in our drinking water. They’ve been used for decades to produce goods like cookware, clothing, and adhesives. Smokestacks from factories emit the chemicals, which drift to the ground and when it rains, these pervasive chemicals move through the soil, entering our ground water where they can linger for decades, earning them the nickname “forever chemicals”.

Why should you be concerned?

PFAS can cause many health concerns, including…




decreased immune response

What can we do about the water we drink and cook with?


If you have town water, look into your water ratings…

Check on your town’s website for a water report. You can also go to’s tap water database (see link below) and enter your zipcode to get a rating.


Get your water tested…

Especially if you have well water, get your water tested specifically for PFAS. We can also inhale chemicals like PFAS through water vapors/steam so if you do have PFAS you may want to consider a whole house filtration system.


Filter your water…

Look for activated carbon or reverse osmosis filters that are are NSF and ANSI certified. Use EWG’s filtration guide on their tap water database as a resources.

Helpful Websites

Use EWG’s Tap Water Database to checkout your town’s water quality.  You will also find their water filtration guide here.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a ground and drinking water page where you can learn about current legislation and more.

PFAS Central provides current and curated information about PFAS, including press, peer-reviewed scientific articles, meetings, job listings, and consumer information.