Paper Products

What are Dioxins?

Dioxins are an unintentional product of producing paper that is whitened with chlorine bleach. They are one of the most dangerous and pervasive toxic chemicals in our environment.

Why should you be concerned?

Dioxins can cause many health concerns, including…


REproductive & Developmental issues

immune system damage

Hormone disruption

Products that may contain Dioxins and some safe alternatives

Paper products like toilet paper, paper towels and paper napkins

Look for paper products that are not whitened with chlorine bleach and that free from dye and fragrance.

Feminine care products

Products with these chemicals are of particular concern for girls going through puberty. Look for products made with organic cotton, are not whitened with chlorine bleach and free from dyes and fragrance.

Diapers and wipes

Babies and toddlers in diapers are also at higher risk from exposure to toxic chemicals. Look for diapers and wipes that are free from chlorine bleach, fragrance and dyes. There are many other chemicals that may be in diapers like lotion, latex, rubber, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, phthalates, pesticides, VOCs, and optical brighteners. 

Helpful Websites

Go to Women’s Voices for the Earth to access their guide to help reduce exposure to toxic chemicals in feminine care products.

Check out LeafScore’s list of the best non-toxic period products, plus what to look out for when selecting eco-friendly tampons.

Go to EWG’s Verified Baby Care products page to sources safe products.

Check out Women’s Voices for the Earth’s Nursery Tips page to learn more about safe baby products.