Additional Resources

Download and print
this trifold brochure and refer to it when shopping for safer products

(Be sure to print both sides)

Advocacy organization websites

Toxic-Free Future

Toxic-Free Future is a national leader in environmental health research and advocacy. Through the power of science, education, and activism, Toxic-Free Future drives strong laws and corporate responsibility that protect the health of all people and the planet.

Retailer Report Card

In this report, you can learn about which of the evaluated retailers are leading the market movement to safer chemicals, how they can continue to implement and expand corporate chemical policies, and which of the evaluated retailers are lagging behind the other evaluated retailers.

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow

Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow has educated thousands of parents, child care workers, health professionals, businesses, and environmentalists about the risks of toxic chemicals in consumer products. We have convened hundreds of house parties, meetings, film screenings, lectures, and plain old 1:1 conversations to educate and engage Massachusetts residents in the fight for a safer tomorrow.

Community Healthbook

Erin Brockovich’s Community Healthbook enables you and your community to post and share information about water, land, and air issues in your own backyard.