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Professionals For Prevention Society

Find The Cause’s Professionals for Prevention Society (PPS) is a group of professionals who are dedicated to making a difference in funding scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer. Their goal is to educate the public and themselves on prevention through events, fundraising and networking opportunities. By joining the PPS, you can participate in the three important opportunities offered to help you make a difference in the fight of Find The Cause:

SOCIAL – Attend an event and network with peers that supports Find The Cause

GIVE BACK – Volunteer or support a research program

LEAD – Become a leader in the society to increase the success of Find The Cause

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

Team CAUSE:   A division of Find the Cause Breast Cancer Foundation

For runners, bikers, climbers, spinners, yogies…athletes & competitors of all kinds! Whatever your sport is, join our team and be a part of our mission to fund the research that will find the cause of breast cancer.

Through your fundraising and dedication we know that together we can create a healthier environment without breast cancer. Make the most of your next sporting event by competing as a member of TEAM CAUSE!


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Find The Cause is a 501C-3 nonprofit