Find The Cause Research Consortium

Ending cancer through research on prevention.

This is the first initiative of its kind to focus on the suspected environmental causes of breast cancer. It capitalizes on the synergies of world renown researchers, all located in Boston. The Find The Cause Research Consortium is working in collaboration to discover which of the more than 86,000 chemicals on the market in the U.S. today cause breast cancer, how they cause it and how to prevent them from causing it.

Find The Cause Research Consortium Goals:

  • Provide compelling scientific evidence that these man-made chemicals cause breast cancer and its spread, and trigger cancer stem cells that may be responsible for the disease’s recurrence and death.
  • Further develop a high-tech, high-throughput, genomic platform able to predict the carcinogenicity of thousands of as-yet-untested chemicals.
  • Expand public awareness of these cancer-causing chemicals through published manuscripts in highprofile scientific journals and presentations to international scientific associations, targeted government agencies and funding organizations.
  • Develop arguments for reducing exposure to carcinogenic chemicals.
  • Identify novel, non-toxic breast cancer therapeutics and preventatives.
  • Continue to leverage FTC funding to generate federal and foundation grants.