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Reduce exposure to harmful chemicals in your everyday life with these helpful resources

Flame retardants can be found in many products in our homes, from the cases that surround our electronics and kitchen appliances to furniture, carpeting and baby products 

BPA, Phthalates and PFAS chemicals found in products we use to cook and store our food can impact our health

PFAS in our drinking water has been cited by the EPA as a threat to public health. So, what can we do about the water that we drink and cook with? 
Hint…filter, filter, filter

Chemicals in products whitened with chlorine bleach can have a dangerous impact on our health and in our environment

Products in the US are not tested before going on the market. Know what you are putting on your body

Avoid dangerous chemicals in common cleaning products

Protect your family and you neighbors by avoiding pesticides in your lawn and garden

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