Education Initiative

We believe that knowledge is power. We are on a mission to educate the public about cancer prevention and steps that we can take as individuals to protect ourselves from exposure to dangerous chemicals in our environment.

Breast Cancer…How We Get to Prevention


Join us for a one-hour live webinar and learn…

  • How the thousands of untested chemicals in products we us each day could be impacting our health.
  • How researching the environmental causes of breast cancer can lead to the most effective cure…prevention!
  • Ways that you can reduce your exposure to dangerous chemicals in your everyday life.

Please contact us at to schedule a virtual workshop today!

A sampling of slides from the presentation
A sampling of slides from the presentation

“What a great presentation! We learned so much! Everyone is talking about difference products and practices they will be changing and most certainly paying closer attention to.”
~Megan from Appleton Partners

“One specific action I took the day after the workshop was to directly address my next door neighbors (who have children and pets at home) about their regular spraying of pesticides on their lawn. He agreed to do some research and before spraying again. I agreed to follow up with him.”
Kathleen ~ Presentation Attendee