Education Initiative

We believe that knowledge is power. We are on a mission to educate the public about cancer prevention and steps that we can take as individuals to protect ourselves from exposure to toxins in our environment.

Educational Workshops

Find The Cause will work with you to deliver a fact-filled presentation to your employees or other groups of people at your choice of location. A representative of our organization and perhaps a scientist from our “Investing in Prevention” consortium, will lead a discussion on:

  • How our bodies are impacted by environmental toxins
  • Steps we can take to protect ourselves
  • How Find The Cause is funding the science that will lead to a safer world for future generations.

One specific action I took the day after the program was to directly address my next door neighbors (who have children and pets at home) about their regular spraying of insectides on their lawn.  He agreed to do some research and before spraying again. I agreed to follow up with him.”  – Quote by workshop attendee

Please contact us at to schedule a presentation today!

Learn about common toxins in our environment, how we are exposed to them,
what the health effects are, what you can do to protect yourself, and
what Find The Cause is doing to create a safer world for future generations.

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