Summer 2000 –

Founded by a group of Ellie’s friends because they were convinced that too many of their colleagues who had no family predisposition of breast cancer were being diagnosed with the disease.

January 2001 –

Defined the initial Foundation mission statement.

June 2001 –

Formed a Board of Directors and received 501(c)3 status.

January 2002 –

Met with friends at John Hancock Life Insurance Company and received first grant of $500 to establish logo, stationery and business cards.

January 2003 –

Approached by a wine vendor from California in 2003 to put on a fundraiser featuring their wine; organized the first Art beCAUSE dinner which featured a wine paired dinner at the Top of the Hub in Boston.

October 2003 –

This first dinner attracted about 95 devoted friends and family who raised enough money to give our first grant to Silent Spring Institute in Newton, MA.

June 2004 –

Set up a two person art exhibit at John Hancock Life Insurance Company to thank them for their belief in our mission.

May 2006 –

Established the “Seed the Scientist” program to encourage young scientists to apply for beginning grants for innovative idea’s.

September 2006 –

Established a strategic relationship with businesses in the area who were interested in our work; moved into our first office as the guest of ComputerRecyclingUSA – an environmentally appropriate electronic recycling company.

February 2008 –

Approached by a long committed friend and former board member, David Fox to record what survivors look like in a photographic forum; proceeded to establish the Art beCAUSE Portrait Project, named: Illuminating the Survivor Spirit: A Photographic Journey.

Throughout 2009 –

Photographed over 50 women and one man who told us their stories as they traveled through the breast cancer experience. Found out that 90% of those photographed do not have any family history: displayed over 50 Portraits at the 2009 Gala held at the Ritz in Boston.

October 2009 –

Created a calendar with the Portrait Project and sold it as a fund-raising effort.

January 2010 –

Became interested in men with breast cancer when we found that a huge cluster of men who were stationed at Camp LeJeune in North Carolina have developed breast cancer.

August 2010 –

Flew 14 of the men to Boston for a very dynamic photo shoot for a male breast cancer calendar.

October 2010 through October 2013 –

Continued to expand the Portrait Project.
Produced three calendars of breast cancer Portraits which also included Marines from Camp Lejeune.
Gathered 14 men from all over the United States to pose for a male breast cancer calendar. These men were all exposed to the poisoned ground water at Lejeune sometime between the mid-50’s and the mid-80’s and are a part of the single largest cluster of male breast cancer patients ever reported.
Portraits shown at Massachusetts State House and South Station Gallery
Moved to larger office space (2010)
Moved to larger office space (2012)
Continued to expand Board of Directors
Presented Gala each year with very successful results and celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Gala at the Four Seasons Hotel in 2012
Marathon Teams ran to raise money for Art beCAUSE each year
Started to develop an educational platform and added to our mission
Continued funding young brilliant scientists through our “Seed the Scientist” program
Started a Young Professional Division

2014-present –

Expanded the Board of Directors
Launched the $5 million “Investing in Prevention” campaign to fund a consortium of 5 eminent labs in Boston working toward a single goal of looking at environmental causes of breast cancer and looking at ways to prevent the disease
Moved to a suite of offices
Continued to present a Gala each October to update and inform our public about the progress being made
In 2014:Honored six persons who have championed us over the years
Updated our website
Added a full time Administrative Manager