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Dad, Grandpa Joyce, Aunt Brenda, Uncle Bob, you were all great mentors of mine and I truly am thankful for the lessons you have all taught me BALANCE
Believe in myself, family, friends and God
Always be faithful and true
Love yourself, family, friends, strangers and God
Always give 110% effort
Never ever give up
Conscious effort will lead you to your goals
Enjoy the ride for this is life
What you also all have in common is that you left us and died too soon from breast, esophageal, throat, bone, melanoma and prostate cancer.

I challenge myself to visit and run my 1st marathon – The 2019 Boston Marathon. I am running and raising funds in memory of you for a great organization called Find The Cause Breast Cancer Foundation. I am also running simply because I can, must and GOYA (Get Off Your Ass) do something to prevent this terrible disease that affects us all in some form or way.

If you can afford it, I would truly appreciate your support and donation. Like the Waterboy says “You Can Do it”


My parents used to tell me to be a “game changer” on the ice rink, or in other words, do something that impacts the outcome of the game.

Like so many families, our family has had numerous loved ones pass away because of cancer. Many of whom, I consider “game changers” in the direction my life has taken.

This year, I am applying my parent’s advice outside of the rink, and joining the fight against cancer.  I am challenging myself to run in the 2019 Boston Marathon and fundraise for an exceptional organization: Find The Cause, Breast Cancer Foundation.  It’s time to help be a “game changer” against this senseless disease.  

If you are able, I would greatly appreciate your support and donation. 

And to all my “game changers”…This one’s for you.


I am honored to run the Boston Marathon for the 6th time to support the mission of Find the Cause Breast Cancer Foundation (formerly known as Art Because Breast Cancer Foundation).   The mission of the foundation is to fund scientific research on the environmental causes of breast cancer and to educate the public on prevention. The thought that my run together with your support will have a real impact in the fight against this disease is truly inspiring. Please share in this experience with me by making a donation to help me reach my $7,500 fundraising goal — together we will make a difference!